All You Need to Know About ReactJS

All You Need to Know About ReactJS

Your Guide to learn React

The ReactJS framework is an open-source JavaScript framework and library developed by Facebook. It’s used for building interactive user interfaces and web applications quickly and efficiently.

Why use ReactJS?🚀

  • React has a great ecosystem

    After learning it, one can use it to make single-page websites using Vite. Use React Native to make mobile apps. There are many packages made to ensure that everything from icons to routing is taken care of in React.

  • React has the community support of Facebook (now Meta), it uses React in almost all its major apps. Thus, it's regularly maintained by Facebook's developers.

  • It uses HTML in JavaScript as JSX. It converts HTML tags into React components, which makes it easier to create UI components for a website.

Topics to learn before starting React📝

JavaScript topics to learn before starting React

  • Callback functions

  • Promises and Async/Await

  • Arrow functions

  • Destructuring Array and Objects

  • Spread operator

  • Array methods: .map(), .filter()

    more here.

Resources to learn ReactJS✨

  • React Course by Bob Ziroll:

After this learning stage is over, make projects to build confidence.

Some important project ideas are:

  • Meme Generator

  • Business Card

  • Movie Searching App

  • Clones of various websites like YouTube, Netflix, LinkedIn, etc.

  • Cryptocurrency tracker app

    and many more.

What to do after learning React?🤔

After learning and practicing React, there are many different ways to move forward in your development journey.

You can learn React Native and start working on mobile app development or learn Nodejs to create full-stack web apps. Also, you can learn many utility libraries such as Material UI and Tailwind CSS to make your frontend websites more dynamic.

I would suggest learning NextJS, as it's one of the most in-demand frameworks which makes it easier to render React components using SSR i.e. Server Side Rendering.

This is just an overview based on popular learning roadmaps used by various developers all over the globe.

In the end, it depends on you as to how you want to learn React.

Hope you found this interesting and informative😄

Let's continue to learn and create new things💚