Dev Retro 2022🌟: Year in Review

Dev Retro 2022🌟: Year in Review

Beginning of the journey to be a developer.


Hi! 👋 everyone I am Aarya Chopkar, a 2nd-year CSE student, currently, I am learning NextJS and advanced Python😄.

Let's review how this year went for me⚡

Started learning Development✨

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."

So this learning started when I saw a few posts on Twitter about CSS, I thought "Hey it looks interesting I can do that". Thus, began working on how to learn Frontend Development. The search ended with freeCodeCamp, W3School, and a few channels on YouTube.

After a few initial hiccups in advanced CSS, everything was going great started creating and posting content on Twitter. Then started working on JavaScript. Again community resources helped me the most 🌟. Once I grasped the basic concepts of JS, made some interactive websites. It felt amazing to make stuff that others could use, it felt as if I had unlocked a superpower to make creative stuff😅.

My Projects⚛️

Check out my projects on GitHub.

Learning in Public📖

After seeing posts and listening to community mentors namely, Eddie Jaoude, Francesco Ciulla, and Kunal Kushwaha, I committed to learning in public. By doing so I have made amazing friends, and connections and interacted with people who share the same thoughts. This has helped me grow both as a dev and as a person💯. Always grateful to the community🙌💚

My GitHub profile

Open Source & Hacktoberfest🌟

Learned about Open Source from Eddie Jaoude on Twitter. After learning how to contribute to projects on GitHub, started the practice of 'pull, fork, merge'.

Then came the month of October and with it Hacktoberfest🎃. Excitement was high, and as soon as my college exams ended, I started to search for projects to contribute. After an initial struggle, found many exciting projects and made PRs as a frontend developer.🔥

Completed Hacktoberfest with 7 merged PRs💜( Waiting for the swags😉)

October helped me:

  • Get into communities

  • Actively contribute to Open Source

  • Finding a niche to work

  • Actively engage with people

Resources I Used🧵

Important websites:

YouTube Channels:

  • Kunal Kushwaha

  • Eddie Jaoude

  • WebDev Simplified

  • JavaScript Mastery

  • Code with Harry

My threads🔗

Resources on frontend development:

ReactJS resources:

Contribution to Open Source:

Personal Growth💚

Worked on building my profiles on various platforms to interact, learn and collaborate with people. Currently, I am active on Twitter, LinkedIn, and, GitHub.

I am an active member of the EddieHub Community and AskDevs Community 🌐.

This is my very first blog😄, do share your reviews in the comments.

Thus it's a wrap to the Year 2022 onto 2023 to improve, innovate, and create more stuff.🙌